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Lisa Hoiry


Welcome to Maltem Lisa! What is your background?

I did a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at theUniversity of Tours and I am now in the last year of a Master's degree in Big Data Management & Analytics. While the Bachelor's degree is very general in the field of computer science, the Master's degree is oriented towards Big Data processing, data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Big Data is a vast and multidisciplinary field. The discovery of these different facets as well as my natural curiosity led me to specialise in R&D and more particularly in solving new challenges through artificial intelligence.

What will be your role at Maltem?

At Maltem I work on a research project within the Maltem Lab. Under the responsibility of Frédérick BisoneMaltem Lab's objective is to encourage research and innovation in the group's various areas of expertise.

My research project aims at performing similarity and correspondence calculations between several textual documents. The aim is to improve our processes by identifying and matching information in a wide variety of formats.

From a technical point of view, the objective is to create an artificial intelligence using advanced NLP, automatic classification and similarity calculation techniques.

Thank you Lisa, and welcome!