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Well-being at work

Esokia and well-being at work, words of Maltese

Wellness at work

ESN Paris Maltem knows that taking care of its employees means taking care of its company.

Interview with Esokia employees

The feeling of happiness and general good atmosphere in the workplace is a point sought after by the new generation of workers on the market, and the various labels verified by Choose My Company allow to evaluate the quality of life within a company according to several criteria.

Maltem has come top of the ranking of the label Happyindex@AtWork for companies with 500 to 1000 employees for the second year in a row, and we went to meet the group's employees to get their precise opinion on the issue of well-being at work.

What is the Happyindex@AtWork label?

The work environment plays a key role in employee engagement and performance within a company. Over time, we have found that it affects employee work and job interests.

This is how the "Happy At Work" label was born, which rewards companies for their good management and the motivation of their employees. The criteria are based solely on the opinion of the employees. The Happy At Work certification process is open, fully digital and trustworthy.

The 3 main criteria of the label are:

  • Participation rate.
  • Referral rate.
  • The overall score.

Why is it important to take care of the well-being of your employees?

More and more companies are focusing on improving employee well-being, through flexible working hours, better equipped premises, team building activities... By introducing such benefits, employers can help their employees achieve a better work-life balance and adopt a more positive attitude towards work and the workplace. The results? More engagement, more productivity, better team atmosphere and cohesion and much more.

The arrival of Esokia in the Maltem Group

Esokia, the member agency of IT consulting firm Maltem, joined the group at the end of 2021, and so this is the first time that employees have been able to evaluate the company by giving their opinion on six rating criteria.

We then collected the testimonies of five Esokia employees to hear why they appreciate the work environment of their company. The pleasant work environment that surrounds the employees is an argument retained by several of them and which seems important to keep a certain team dynamic.

Find the interview here!

According to Yusuf, what he likes about Esokia is the range of assignments that make his daily life interesting: "What matters most to me is working on innovative projects with the wide range of clients that Esokia reaches. Personal fulfillment comes from the feeling of learning and progressing in one's life as well as in one's profession, so the challenge is a source of curiosity and surpassing oneself that satisfies the group's employees.

Activities organized for well-being at work

The employees also like to share moments of relaxation with the IT consulting firm's teams. Moments to breathe before the start of the day or on the contrary before going home. For example, breakfasts with pancakes or other sweets, allow them to start the day with a wide smile on everyone's lips. Happy employees are committed to their work and have a better work-life balance.


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