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Maltem takes an innovative approach to more efficient, low-cost, high-impact healthcare.

Our dedicated specialists work at the intersection of business and technology to help its employees in a new and demanding digital environment by combining :

  • the experience of the real world,
  • clinical and business knowledge,
  • and new enabling smart technologies.

That's why, from the back office to the doctor's office, providers and public health agencies choose Maltem for a wide range of end-to-end services that help them become the smart health companies of the future.

We infuse creative thinking to reinvent healthcare services and increase your economic viability with comprehensive end-to-end expertise in the provider, payer, and public health environments, as well as extensive cross-sector experience.

We'll help you modernize, collaborate across platforms with ecosystem partners, and deliver more personalized, future-ready care.

Do you have a digital health project to carry out? Entrust it to Maltem, a specialist in digital transformation consulting
The consulting firm it Maltem, develops your innovative digital health solutions

Health and consulting

The health care consulting has a significant impact

By embracing new technologies, you can operate more effectively, efficiently and affordably. In addition, partnering with collaborators while maintaining a agile attitude will accelerate innovation.

Our skills

Our digital health, operational transformation, consumer experience and consulting solutions help organisations deliver personalised, efficient and informed care.

Operational transformation

Prepare your healthcare organisation to respond to the waves of disruption today and tomorrow.

Health care advice

Empower your employees with smarter tools and skills to drive smarter, more informed health, putting consumers at the heart of progress.

Consumer experience

Because we are human above all.

Flexibility of the organisation

Continuous adaptation, flexibility and relevance require agility, customer and patient orientation, new skills and a culture of innovation.

Innovative digital health solutions

Companies can transform the consumer experience by focusing on cloud, machine learning, AI, cybersecurity and other technologies.

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