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Omnilog Maltem Insight Performance digital experience monitoring

Omnilog X Maltem Insight Performance: When DEM (Digital Experience Monitoring) supports the development of customer projects.

While companies have been facing serious organisational issues since 2020, the synergies of Maltem Insight Performance and Omnilog facilitate the digital transformation of large groups.  

Pressure on IT

Driven by the change in priorities brought about by teleworking in particular, structures have needs for external IT services due to notably the general increase in the migration of tools to SaaS. Organisations therefore call on trusted partners for the development and maintenance of business applications.

At the same time, the problem of IT systems monitoring is becoming more acute, with silos still firmly entrenched between the network, system(s) and application teams, with a principle of inter-service ping-pong about "whose fault is it? Decision-makers want to facilitate their decision-making andoperational staff want to consolidate data from dispersed technical monitoring tools.

The teams in charge of MCO at Omnilog therefore want to identify performance from the user's point of view using business UX scenarios. By equipping themselves with the MIP Solution, they check the effectiveness of developments on business-oriented indicators with the DEM (or Digital Experience Monitoring) and ensure the availability of solutions and their hosting.

Trusted partners

The teams d'Omnilog teams intervene for missions in line with business needs. By bringing its experience as a service centre to the Delivery agile, as proposed by Maltem to companies, Omnilog develops robust critical applications.

To ensure themaintenanceand with a view to both IT and business performance, Maltem Insight Performance completes the mission by implementing its MIP Solution. Thanks to a unified IT supervision based on user feedback (DEM), Omnilog can assure its customers on a daily basis that the projects developed are efficient, available and in line with the initial requirements.

For a high-traffic, mass-market website project as well as for internal applications, the development stages are supervised, and thea performance long term performance..

"I use the MIP Solution on a daily basis with one of our major clients. The advantage is to be able to have incident alerts on the application scripts, and toevaluate the urgency of the problem at a glance. With the screen capture of the error in the email, then the video replay in the software, troubleshooting is made easier. It's not just a tool, but ultimately a packaged service with real support and tailored advice. explains Cyril Crabé, Omnilog.

Collaboration at every stage

In a first step for the pre-prod, the Digital Experience Monitoring checks for example the functional navigation, the response time, the loading of the pages, or the layout.

Once the project is in production, continuous testing is carried out to monitor availability, proper operation and the correct data displayed in the interfaces developed by Omnilog.

"More than just a choice of software solution, we are a real day-to-day partner for Omnilog. We are delighted to be able to collaborate on serious, ambitiousambitious, and of excellent quality", explains explains Bruno BiscayeProject Manager at Maltem Insight Performance


Beyond the relevance of establishing a collaboration between two entities of the same group (Maltem), Omnilog and Maltem Insight Performance have a strong corporate culture and common values that enable them to successfully complete their projects IT.


About Maltem Insight Performance:

Performance of Maltem Insight has been developing an in-house IT monitoring solution called Solution MIP for over 10 years. Based in the Basque Country in France, this entity is part of the ecosystem of the international Maltem group.

The MIP Solution is a user experience platform that measures application, network and infrastructure performance. The all-in-one view provides a direct visualization of the health of the IS. IT teams and the IT department can finally exchange simply and take a proactive approach.


Based in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon, OMNILOG is a team of 300 engineers specialised in Delivery. They bring to their large accounts an expertise in technology and methodology.

Their community of enthusiasts focuses on architecture and code quality to produce high-performance, robust and maintainable applications. OMNILOG is today the software craftsman of the Maltem group.