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Hello Diane. Can you introduce yourself in a few words, what is your professional background at Maltem, your expertise & the projects/clients you have worked for?

Hello Alexandre, here are a few lines to introduce myself: Diane, 33 years old, who recently became a mother. I have been with Maltem for almost 4 years now. During these years, I mainly worked for Adeo, the holding company of Leroy Merlin. The projects were diverse and varied but often focused on training and change management. My expertise is therefore focused on the retail sector. My mission at AG2R between 2019 and 2020 was for me the opportunity to evolve in a new sector, the Insurance sector.

Let's go back for a moment to your mission at AG2R in the context of the PACTE project. Can you quickly explain what the PACTE law is?

The Loi Pacte is a bill on the growth and transformation of businesses that has been in effect since 1 January 2020. The general objective is to give companies the means to innovate, transform, grow and create jobs. This law requires rethinking and adapting commercialised offers and business processes in order to be in compliance.

What was your role in this project & what did the client expect?

Within the Projects and Organisation Department of AG2R La Mondiale, the aim of my service was to coordinate and steer the work on the Projet Loi Pacte, collective scope (Companies).

My role was, on the one hand, to organise business workshops to identify the new processes and tool developments to be put in place, and on the other hand to write impact and risk analyses. At the same time, I was in charge of writing the documents for the various monitoring committees and leading the project steering meetings

This CPO role was new for you. How did you feel about this new mission & what strengths/expertise did you bring to the table to meet this challenge?

Indeed this mission was a real challenge for me 😉 Because I had never taken on the role of CPO and as said before the insurance sector was unknown to me. I approached the mission with an ambivalent feeling, on the one hand the excitement of these upcoming discoveries & on the other hand the apprehension of evolving in this new environment.

To meet this challenge, I relied on my adaptability, my interpersonal skills and my organisational skills. These three elements were essential for me. I went into contact with the business in order to better assimilate the insurance jargon. The follow-up points set up with the project players gave me more visibility on the project.

What were the constraints you had to face during this mission?

The biggest constraint I had to face in this mission was the unstable nature of the law. Indeed, the Pact Law had not yet been promulgated, so the regulatory framework was constantly changing. This lack of visibility sometimes led us to make decisions and then to question them later.

Creating a collaborative synergy was essential to foster understanding between the different stakeholders & to ensure that the level of involvement of the project actors was as high as possible

This led me to rethink and streamline the action monitoring tools and to readjust the frequency of these bodies. These adjustments made it possible to ensure a higher level of involvement of all stakeholders

Can you give us an overview of your achievements during this mission?

My greatest achievement and pride during this mission is undoubtedly to have successfully led the COPILs.

To coordinate the teams from the two sites (Lille and Paris), I organised a preparatory meeting before each COPIL. This was to "align" the discourse between the participants, to speak with the same voice and to present the support. Thanks to this organisation, I was able to quickly identify the warning points. As a result, all the participants and I arrived at the COPIL more serene.

What are the areas of improvement that you feel are necessary today & that will serve as levers for your future missions?

By taking on the role of project manager, I was able to see how important human qualities are in this type of mission, in particular the ability to federate and leadership (persuasiveness). I would like to develop these aspects in order to be more comfortable as a CPO.

Any last words before we conclude this ITW?

Not being afraid of discovering a new sector of activity, it allowed me to see another project methodology.