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Let’s Mooove ! World Environment Day

Let’s Mooove ! World Environment Day

Social and environmental impact has always been at the center of the Matem’s values. That’s why we love our worldwide program Maltem Mooove, to build a community of mooovers, share time together, and have a positive impact

Today is the #WorldEnvironmentDay/. A day dedicated by the UN programme to Nature to learn more about it and above all protect it. We wanted to share some initiatives and reflexions done by mooovers since 2020. 

“It’s time to wake up. To take notice. To raise our voices. It’s time to build back better for People and Planet. This World Environment Day, it’s Time for Nature.”


Zero Waste Luxembourg was invited by Mooove luxemburg for an initiation night in the office headquarters. Several consultants and staff members came to discover the best practices for a Zero Waste lifestyle. They were also given a presentation on the worldwide waste production because most of us underestimate it ! Of course for it to be perfectly efficient you have to link theory and practice. Therefore the mooovers were given the opportunity to make their homemade hydroalcoholic hand gel. Quite handworthy nowadays !


They were supposed to participate in the 7th year Conservation Australia unfortunately is has been postponed due to the covid situation.Howewer the idea is great so we wanted to share it with you. On June 5th for the World Environment Day the australian mooovers would have gathered with their friends, families and clients to help plant 20,000 trees across 6 key sites nationwide. In a two-hour period, they should have planted as many trees as they can, competing against other teams of other companies to be crowned champion! This event sits within Conservation Volunteer’s Green Links campaign, repairing habitats for expansion and movement of native wildlife and plants.

What’s up for P4H’s Mooovers ?

If you’ve been in Madagascar, or if you have ever watched some documentaries about the country, you must know about our iconic tree « the Baobab ». Tall and majestuous giants of the south, they seem to look after the people and their surrounding but sadly, they are now highly endangered.

Looking at the bright side, a problem is often an opportunity for innovative solutions. This time, it is not only a solidarity initiative but also a digital initiative. Since January P4H contributes to the protection of the baobab forest by supporting the « Dry Forest Initiative ».

According to its founder Erwan RABENEVANANA, it is a « Malagasy NGO focusing on saving the dry forest of Madagascar, home of its iconic and endemic Baobabs. Through diverse actions, Dry Forest tackles poverty, creates economical alternatives and provide relevant education to locals ». Its principal mission is to save the Baobabs of Madagascar through social and economical actions by providing the resources needed to stop slash-and-burn agriculture.

Through what we call a « skills sponsorship », we leveraged our digital expertise to help the NGO on different levels. To improve their visibility, our creative team elaborated their branding. Within several weeks, a full graphical charter and identity was created. This includes a new logo, several graphical elements and of course the website. To be launched this month, this later was fully designed and integrated by P4H and will be a vector for promoting Dry Forest’s actions and rising funds.

Let’s Mooove in Canada with Mickael and his new team.

Last week, Maltem Canada did a real MOOOVE. During our « Open discussion » meeting with the team, Jean-Luc SALINAS and Marc Giraud-Sauver officially announced the MOOOVE Canada program. After several slides about our circle leaders, another slide titled “MOOOVE” appeared with my picture. At that moment, I said to myself “Okay, it’s official, and it’s time, time to mooove”. After the slide was presented, 3 team members sent me a message about their positive vibes and their will to participate in this adventure. We are excited to start this week! The 1st list will be sent presenting different types of events they would be interested in and fit with the the MOOOVE objectives. I hope some other teammates will join us and act on themes they care about, all in the Maltem spirit.

Thank you for volunteering to tutor during Covid crisis ! 3 experiences’ feedback .

“I find this experience very rewarding. To be able to provide academic support to students who lack it and transmit their knowledge and skills is great. It is not always easy to adapt your timetable, to have to go back to Thales’ theorem or to explain certain abstract notions by telephone, but when you manage to target the student’s misunderstanding and then find the approach to trigger his confidence in her capacities, it is a great gratification for both. More generally, I seek to provide it with an effective methodology and a lot of encouragement to which she is very sensitive. I am happy to see her motivation and her progress, and continue to follow her even after the period of deconfinement” Isabelle

“I support a 14 year old girl, Lucie, in scientific matters. Very bright and ambitious, she wants to become a nurse. We talked a lot about our hobbies, her feelings at school, her problems and her dreams. It was and still is a very good experience for me! I was very happy to be able to help her and devote some of my spare time to her. She was very attentive, adorable and full of good will. She had trouble explaining what she understood. I gave her a few tips and she was very happy. It’s a great experience that I’m delighted to continue!” Leopoldine.

“It is really nice to have a positive impact on someone’s life and feeling a sense of accomplishment. I had the opportunity to develop my listening skills to understand exactly the needs of my student and be able to help him efficiently. I had to be creative to restore his motivation to work the lessons and do the exercises. For me it was a way to fight against the crisis. Indeed everything does not stop, life goes on and especially school. I am thankful to be part of this action and that I could share knowledge and skills ». Anouk