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Passion 4 Humanity

Founded in 2017 in Madagascar, Passion 4 Humanity is a social business. As the " agitator of the impact ecosystem, " we strive to combine economic profitability and positive impact. Our vision: to be the new digital and societal innovation hub in Tanà. We work for startups, institutions, and corporates both locally and internationally. Our digital services include digital communication and marketing, outsourcing and web development.


GIZ ProDéCid, ECPAT France, Naturevolution, Graines de Bitumes, Logistique Pétrolière, Dry Forest Initiative, 4mill83,...

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Passion 4 Humanity

Why the zebu?

The zebu, known as the valiant symbol of the Malagasy national football team, the "Barea" represents power, wealth and above all robustness. Its strength and constancy are the reason why Passion 4 Humanity has chosen it as its Totem. Like a Barea, we seek to be sociable, resistant, patient and flexible to change.


A 192 Faravohitra,
Antananarivo 101