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Commitment is not a concept!

We believe in tech for good We believe in tech for good We believe in tech for good We believe in tech for good We believe in tech for good We believe in tech for good

We transform!

/Our mantra is sustainable transformation
Commitment is no longer an option!

We are convinced that digital technology is an accelerator of evolution and that social commitment is no longer an option. We have brought together many entrepreneurs and over 1000 employees who are driven by these same values.

Leading by example

Stakeholders inside and outside the company expect us to make a positive impact through our core business as well as through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability programmes. Living our purpose and leading by example are expressions of our shared values, representing the fundamental principles and common behaviours that unite us across cultural and geographic differences.

Yes, we can do it!

This commitment is represented by our new Business Unit, Yess, an offer entirely dedicated to actors committed to the general interest.

We mooove!

/Let's mooove together

Social and environmental impact has always been at the heart of the group's values and this is what unites us. We know that today it is essential for everyone to find meaning in what we do. Thanks to Mooove, we can. We have decided to launch this new global Maltem Mooove programme, to do even more, to be united as a community of mooovers and share time together while making a positive impact. It is essential that we can measure our full impact and be proud of it, take ownership of it and continue to improve.

Education / Solidarity / Environment.

Mooove has chosen these three themes because they represent what we fight for every day. Everyone is affected by at least one of these themes in some way. Each quarter, a theme will be highlighted in line with the United Nations World Days. A time to think about it in more depth, to share our ideas for greater impact, to take action and to present our actions to the world. 

Each agency will have to organise at least one event with its mooovers for each theme. The catalogue of actions is very wide to appeal to all types of mooover. It ranges from solo actions to group actions, a short or long term commitment. It includes tackles, soft skills, hard skills, sports, etc. You can find some examples below.

Our Mooovement!

The programme is simple and for everyone. It will accompany or develop the commitment of each mooover, whatever their conscience. For those who do not know or do not do much, we want to initiate them, to show them that it is not complicated to act, that even a little can make a lot. We want them to participate in at least one event per year. For those who are already experienced mooovers, we want to develop their involvement by being creative in coming up with new ideas, helping to organise more events and helping to convince others to join.

Our ambassadors are advocates for a theme or an entire agency. We want to give them the autonomy and the means to lead and develop their community as they wish. They decide what actions to take, report back, measure the impact of their actions and participate in global strategy meetings. Discover some of our mooove ambassadors in their "fast and curious" video.


In order to see how far we have come, it is essential to measure our impact. Are we really helping? To what extent? What is best? How can we do better? We need feedback from those around us and indicators to increase the impact of our actions. As an IT company, we have developed our own personal tools to do this. Thanks to the programme, we have already organised more than 50 actions, involving 20 ambassadors, and 350 movers.

We support!

/Helping others to help themselves

Our Aldinie Foundation aims to help disadvantaged children and young people. The fund mainly supports actions in the field of education and health. The foundation also supports other projects in all areas of general interest.

Building a common future

Thanks to the meeting with the little boy Aldinie, who came from Madagascar in 2014, and to his presence among us during his long 6-month fight against his cancer, we became truly aware that some children are born under a less clement star than ours. We realised that these children were like our own and that despite their fate, they were fighting daily with great dignity, courage and hope to have the right, like all of us, to claim a fulfilling adult vision and to participate actively in the construction of our common future.

Let's act on our own scale!

Today, this is no longer just the problem of a small handful of influential political or intellectual figures who are supposed to solve these collective challenges for us all. But for a few years now, thanks to digital tools, we, ordinary citizens, have become aware of these issues and that we can now interconnect, exchange, and come together to act at our level.

We decided to act in favour of children

We have decided to continue in this direction and to act in favour of children and future generations. Those to whom we must show the way, a way of commitment and determination to courageously face the challenges of tomorrow but also to establish a sustainable and intergenerational balance.

Our latest actions