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Data, Data Everywhere

Data Strategy, Data Governance, Big Data Cloud and On Premise Architecture, Engineers and Data Scientists, Data and BI Analysts, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Engineers

Move from intuition to expertise

Data is everywhere, a true goldmine of the 21st century, and we all want to make the best use of it. Whether it is to create data management tools or to make better decisions based on Business Intelligence tools, the Data Maltem teams will support you in the implementation of your data strategy. Focused above all on a desire to deliver high value-added tools quickly, we are your privileged partner from the implementation of the strategy to the deployment of the tools in production.
Our job is to enable you to exploit the value of your data.


Maltem is a it consulting firm French company, created in 2001. It has 1,100 employees in 12 countries and a turnover of 100 million euros. Recognised as a champion of Tech for good, the Maltem community works to implement the most effective tools in terms of data exploitation.

Maltem brings all its expertise through :

╋ Setting up the strategy and Data governance.

╋ Creation of architectures and Data roadmaps.

╋ Development of data pipelines with the latest technologies.

╋ Implementation of BI tools necessary for data exploitation needs.

╋ Data protection in compliance with legal obligations.


Maltem Data supports you in the various stages of data processing:

What do we do?

What do we offer?

Governance and Strategy at Maltem

Governance and Strategy
Setting up organisations and procedures for data management and use. Definition of data management procedures. Support in the realization of the Roadmap. Implementation of Big Data Cloud and On Premise architectures.

Maltem, data, governance and strategy consulting firm

Sources and APIs
Data quality and lineage, API development management of different data sources, collection and management pipeline, qualification of source data and SPOT.

Data consulting Paris, API development

Data Pipeline Development, Data Transformation, Science and Engineering, Data Architecture Improvement.

Maltem, data consulting Paris, develops data pipelines

Storage and optimisation
Setting up a DataOps team, algorithm optimisation, Cloud optimisation, DevOps service centre, setting up CloudOps tools. Optimised data storage.

Maltem sets up DataOps teams

Provision and BI
Implementation of data visualisation tools, Business Intelligence, support in defining KPIs, BI project management, analysts and expertise on several BI tools (Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, etc.).

Maltem sets up DataOps teams

Technologies and Expertise

The technologies and tools we use are the most efficient on the market. Our experts are constantly trained in the latest Data and Cloud technologies in order to always offer the best architectures and to develop in the most common codes.

Our experts

Julien Labouze

Julien Labouze

Director Maltem Australia / Asia


Marc Giraud-Sauveur

Director Maltem North America

Olivier Bronzini

Olivier Bronzini

Director Maltem Africa

Olivier Dancot

Olivier Dancot

Chief Data & AI Officer

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