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Maltem Belgium

Maltem Belgium develops communities based on our 4 pillars: - Agile community - Digital factory: web & mobile development, UX/UI, design thinking - Business intelligence: data management, big data - Business Consulting


Belfius - Engie - STIB - BNP - Smals - ING - Delhaize - Carrefour - Worldline - Tata Consulting
IT Development 0
Bank, finance, insurance 0
Agility 0
Maltem Belgium

Why the fox?

As you may know, foxes are well distributed throughout Belgium. They are cunning animals with a keen sense of smell. They are also able to get out of tricky situations, guided by their instinct, and to surround themselves with the best of their species to find collective solutions.
Maltem Belgium

Avenue Louise 231
1050 Brussels