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Founded in 2016 in Madagascar, Lomay is a social enterprise. As a « serious game developer », we strive to combine ‘playfulness and commitment in each of our projects. Our vision : to use digital technology as a means of conveying our cultural values. We work for startups, institutions and companies both locally and internationally. Our digital services include the development of mobile applications, virtual and augmented reality, websites and virtual tours.


Agence des transports terrestres, Orange Madagascar, AD Invaders, Groupe STAR, Simple et Bon, XXL Energy, Karenjy, EDBM, NoG’One, ILS Océan indien, FIV.MPA.MA, Triakaz, MyFunCode …

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The fossa, why?

The Fosa is one of the icons of Madagascar. Known as a skilful, powerful and fast predator, it is all that Lomay by definition tends to be. Active day and night, it inspires us to be hard-working and productive


A 192 Faravohitra,
Antananarivo 101