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Education Day, Maltem involved!

What we did?

Social and environmental impact has always been at the center of Maltem’s values. We decided to accelerate the movement by launching a new program to reveal and accompany each collaborator’s commitment: Maltem Mooove.

UN’s International Day of Education is today! So let’s talk about #Education with #Letsmooovetogether #techforgood #maltemconsulting

Here are some examples of Maltem’s commitment to this subject:

– Since January Maltem Luxembourg collaborates with RYSE the Refugee Youth Support & Empowerment charity.

– In February, Maltem Paris will welcome interns for their observation internship.

– Maltem Africa will be giving 2 free code initiation at the #7arackathon in Casablanca the 25th of January.

– Maltem Singapore will be mentoring for the third time a class of 30 students of the ESCEN school on digital application project.

– Maltem HK will partner with the charity HandsOn to help on school work for primary and secondary school students with minority or asylum backgrounds.

– P4H, Passion for Humanity will welcome 4 interns from the charities « Graine de Bitume » and « Grandir dignement ».