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Solidarity Day, Maltem involved!

What we did?

Social and environmental impact has always been at the center of Maltem’s values. We decided to accelerate the movement by launching a new program to reveal and accompany each collaborator’s commitment: Maltem Mooove.

The program for a sustainable development by 2030 gives us the keys to respond to the global challenges we are facing : poverty, inequalities, climate change, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace and justice. It is based on international cooperation and solidarity. The United Nations General Assembly therefore proclaimed December 20th as the International Solidarity Day in order to raise awareness on the importance of solidarity in order to eradicate poverty.

In terms of solidarity, Maltem has developed tools to assess and encourage the commitment of its employees. In 2019, nearly 300 of them participated in a solidarity action around the 5 continents.

In France, Maltem has organized numerous actions, amongst them the “Arrondi Solidaire” concerns around 210 employees. Salaries are rounded down to the nearest euro to allow a financial effort allocated to solidarity. The sums collected are donated to the group’s foundation, the Aldinie Foundation.

In Asia, the team of Hong Kong has recently participated in a walk with the charity “Impact HK”.

They discovered this organization’s mission and how they aim to help their community by providing basic necessities for the homeless, helping them find their own accommodation and start a new life.

The team spent some time on the streets of HK, distributing food to people in need.

In Canada, Maltem shared it’s technological expertise with the “Opération Enfant Soleil”, a non-

profit organization which raises funds to support the development pediatric of quality for all

children in Quebec. Maltem participated in the development of a website and, with a Quebec

startup specializing in volunteering (@simplyk), implemented a new feature: offering the ability to

do ticketing at no cost with an integrated donation receipt.

In Africa, Maltem is committed to help the poor. Thanks to the mobilization of Maltem Africa’s

employees, a large fundraising campaign brought together 3 tonnes of donations (food, blankets,

clothing, hygiene products). The goods were then transported to a little village in the Midelt region, 400km from Casablanca. Once there, the team distributed the donations to more than 100 families.

To bring joy to children, activities were organized throughout the day in partnership with the

Moroccan association Smile For All.

In addition, the Aldinie Foundation supports many solidarity projects, mainly in Madagascar. For

example, it finances the care of children in the Zazakely orphanage every year. It also supports the actions of Father Pedro, who is in charge of AKAMASOA, a charity which helps the poor in

Antananarivo. The goal is to get these people out of the streets, so that they can lead a human life with dignity.