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A new Business Line for Maltem : Cyber Security

Information security is the key to digital transformation. That’s why Cyber Security is now a new official Business Line of Maltem. Our interventions are tailor-made to the client’s level of maturity and operational context in order to sustainably reduce the risks. Eager for new challenges, our experts analyze your information system environment to get to know its flaws, but also teach you how to correct them! Discover our four offers :

1. Offensive Security

There’s nothing like putting yourself in the shoes of an attacker to find out how exposed you are! A proactive way to investigate, such as the offensive approach makes it possible to effectively test the security of one’s organization while correcting any found weaknesses, on a long-term basis.

  • Phishing simulation & social engineering
  • Pen test​ / Red Teaming
  • Campaign / Bug bounty

2. Infosec Awareness

Information Security Awareness (InfoSec) is an essential part of the security strategy to be efficient against current threats. With a positive and interactive mindset, good practices are understood and respected by all employees, allowing for a sustainable decrease of risks related to the human potential mistakes.

  • In-company training  Workshop
  • “Secure code” workshop & Applicative security
  • A-Z Awareness Program

3. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

The GRC strategy is the best way to meet business line objectives with regulatory requirements, while significantly decreasing risk.  From the structuring of the organization to the pre-audit for certification, our consultants will guide you all along the process.

  • Evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Documentation & Audit

4. Information Security Consultancy

At each step, our consultants can punctually reinforce the team which is already working on a project. They can also run interventions on a longer period, on a specific expertise or handle  your entire request.

  • Architecture
  • IAM
  • SSDLC​ / DevSecOps

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