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Java Software Engineer

Viêt Nam (À distance)

Position Summary

Maltem Singapore is seeking several passionate Java Developers to join our growing team of development experts to help evolve a new healthcare platform which is making healthcare accessible, affordable and accountable.

  • Full remote work.
  • A solid tech team. We are just a few people, so everyone counts. We make sure that when we hire someone, the person is a good technical and cultural match.
  • Flexible working hours. Get the job done at your own pace.


  • Hands-on developer who writes high quality, clean and maintainable code that is modular, functional and testable.
  • Take ownership and rapidly iterate while collaborating actively as part of a small and talented team.
  • Design, implement, and deliver software.
  • Create or introduce tests, and introduce new technologies to optimize our platform.
  • Actively provide constructive feedback to other developers through code reviews or different channels.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Experience with core Java. Like a lot of it. This will be your bread and butter.
  • That’s it. If you know Java well, the rest of the skills are a bonus!

Bonus skills:


  • Experience with Java frameworks like Spring and/or Hibernate. Any others will count as well.
  • Experience with unitary testing libraries like JUnit, Mockito, TestNG… You name it
  • Experience building REST and GraphQL APIs.
  • Working knowledge of relational databases such as Postgres/MySQL.
  • Experience with microservice design.
  • Experience with Javascript and/or Python.
  • Experience with other JVM languages like Scala. Or the interest to move into Scala, since it’s our core language.
  • Experience working in an Agile environment.
  • Test driven design.

About Maltem

Maltem is a community of 1000 passionate individuals dedicated to innovation, new technologies, data management and digital transformation projects.

Founded in 2001 and located in 11 different countries, our footprint covers: France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Belgium, Malaysia, Madagascar, United States, Canada, Australia and Morocco.

Our expertise lies in Innovative Conceptualization, Design Thinking, Web & Mobile Development, Agile, Banking & Insurance and Data Management. By providing high-level expertise coupled with efficient delivery, we are always striving to accompany major international clients and start-ups to co-create innovative, performant and scalable digital projects.

Internal life @Maltem

  • A community of 100 data & digital practitioners that you can contact to share your knowledge
  • Lunch and coffee catch-up to have some chit-chat with the community
  • An afterwork every two months to gather the community and get to know better each other around a beer or some nice juices
  • A regular follow-up of your key account manager on your mission and career evolution
  • The possibility to work overseas/remotely for Maltem Consulting Group (Asia)
  • The possibility to be part of advisory and greenfield project
  • The possibility to be mentored or mentor someone during your adventure at Maltem

Our Recruitment Process:

  1. Apply online! The HR team carefully studies your application and contacts you if your profile matches one of our positions.
  2. First meeting! You discuss with HR about your background, your professional aspirations as well as about Maltem and the opportunities we offer.
  3. Challenge yourself in a technical interview with one of our experts. It is also an opportunity for you to have his feedback.

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Détail du poste

Status: Expiré Type de contrat : Temps plein Rémunération : Négociable Date de publication : 10 Déc 2021 Expire dans : 4 mois


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