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Dialogue, debate, convictions. The cornerstone of Maltem Consulting Group’s values, exchange is at the heart of our experts’ work.

The aim? Be more efficient and offer our customers tailor-made solutions in line with their expectations, their personality and their company culture. Indeed, the development of ever more specific solutions in line with customer needs clearly depends on our ability to establish constructive dialogue.

Exchange between our Maltem employees is also fundamental. It allows us to constantly optimise techniques and performances within the group. A symbol of this spirit of sharing, the “THE LAB” section on each Maltem website can be updated with employees’ experience, techniques, progress and discoveries. This forum for exchange can also be viewed by our customers and demonstrates our desire to draw on a network of rich and complementary skills and personalities: the Maltem network.

Commitment +

Involvement, motivation and method. Give your best, challenge yourself and innovate: these are the watchwords for all of the teams at the Maltem Consulting Group. Rather than resting on their laurels our experts are constantly seeking to evolve, keeping a close eye on trends and giving everything they have to achieve their objectives, all in a relaxed yet professional environment.

It is this mindset that allows the company to uphold its promises. No detail is left to chance, and the quality of the projects delivered ensures the long-term sustainability of their solutions. There is no greater reward for out teams than the positive feedback from our customers and partners and the satisfaction of achieving results.


Honesty, respect, integrity. The shortest route to achieving an objective is a straight line, as the saying goes, which is why honesty is so important at Maltem Consulting Group. Each idea and project is debated and discussed internally in order to maximise its potential and implement suitable strategies for optimal results according to the customer’s requirements. Healthy relationships founded on the exchange of ideas, where problems are tackled with honesty.

Always with your satisfaction in mind, our experts have no qualms about asking you (im)pertinent question in order to find the best responses. Firm believers in the notion that a well conducted debate always gets things moving in the right direction, our experts employ total transparency with their customers. Respect for our customers and their expectations is at the heart of our strategy.


Sharing, tolerance, solidarity. At Maltem Consulting Group, we put people at the heart of our processes. Coached according to their personality (aspirations) and specific needs, our employees thrive within the company in an optimal environment combining professional, sports, cultural, community and family activities.

Integration and tolerance of diverse cultures are two essential and inherent components of the Maltem spirit. The company is committed to upholding its values both today and for the future. You too can do your bit.

More information: www.mandresy.com and www.zazakely.fr


Efficiency, accuracy, innovation. The values of Maltem Consulting Group foster success. A people-centred ambiance and working methods, combined with a constant quest for improvement.

Always striving for excellence: that is the professional spirit that has enabled Maltem Consulting Group to pursue dynamic development since its creation. Your satisfaction is the foundation of our success, and our performance is measured through yours


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Fabio Cognolato - General Manager :
Work hard, play harder: that's Paris!  Lien

Thibaud Dorigny - Manager :
At the crossroads between Brussels and Paris, an agile and enthusiastic team focused on your success. Ambiance and good humour guaranteed.  Lien

Clement Soliva - Manager :
Of all the peoples, the Belgians are the bravest, Julius Caesar, Practice Manager Lien

Maxime Grosdoigt - Manager :
A financial centre, an international dimension and an attractive tax system... The Grand Duchy awaits!  Lien

Edouard Chon - Manager :
There's no Wall of China at Maltem
Hong Kong, just a transparent and
dynamic approach to service.  Lien

Edouard Chon - Manager :
Bridge the gap between Europe and
Asia and join a dynamic and
multicultural team in Singapore. Lien

Levels of partnership




BIOS is an ELITE partner (highest level of certification) of QlikTech in France, for the QlikView solution.

  • More than 400 decision support projects carried out.
  • More than 30 QlikView integration projects successfully completed.
  • A dedicated team trained in QlikView technology.




BIOS is a “ValueNet” partner (highest level of certification) of IBM for the Cognos solutions:

  • Cognos C8: business intelligence solution (reporting)
  • Cognos TM1 & Cognos Planning: budget simulation and preparation solutions.

BIOS is also one of the leading French partners for the Cognos solutions in terms of the number of projects carried out.




BIOS is a Microsoft Gold Partner for the entire BI Suite:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft PowerPivot
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft PerformancePoint

Setting itself apart from the other “classic” Microsoft partners with its strong functional expertise, BIOS is also a state-of-the-art consultancy firm in terms of technique in these new technologies.




A traditional partner and player, BIOS has a team of SAP BPC managers and experts

  • Able to take on migration/evolution/implementation projects
  • Proficient in all versions of the tool (4.1 – 4.1 – 5 – 7.0 – 7.5 – 10)
  • Proficient in the Microsoft SQL Server Data Engine and the NetWeaver engine
  • With experience in 25 projects conducted on this technology
  • With considerable functional expertise (the team includes former auditors & management auditors)




The Tableau Software centre at BIOS Consulting is made up of decision support experts who use the most efficient tools to to tackle your business challenges.

Our aim is to make technology transparent in order to provide you with attractive and simple solutions that you can use to capitalise on your data.